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Art and a Dream~

In this dream I had (another one of my most complex) awhile back, I can remember clearly what happened. It was frightening.

There was an orphanage out in the country, void of local authorities or any possible parents/fosters. A woman named Barbara Johnson ran the place with an iron fist - she was borderline insane, totalitarian, with short, graying-blond hair and half-moon glasses. She seemed like a nice lady at first, but beneath her tight, fake smile was a monster.

They (she and her henchmen, who ran the orphanage) did horrible experiments on the children. Those who misbehaved were subjected to torture, whippings, or isolation for weeks.

I remember being one of those children. But the dream sped up and I found myself old enough to leave. Except she wouldn't let me. I was forced into a nursing position at the orphanage. All the hurt children were sent to me, those who had just been tortured or had undergone experiments. There were other nurses with me who were my friends: a dark-haired boy (Jack; he appears in many of my dreams) and a plump black woman (I can't remember her name).

Then one day a little boy was brought into the hospital wing. He couldn't have been older than two or three. He had been tortured with burning welts covering his body. I think his name was Matt.

I took care of him and quickly became attached. He had a haunted look in his eyes, a look that no child should have at his age, and he never smiled. I always tried to find ways to make him laugh, but nothing ever worked. Even with my two friends, we failed. Then one day I took Matt out onto the balcony of the hospital wing and talked to him about the sky. I described and made up beautiful things about it, and as I spoke, the sky changed. Clouds swirled in circles, flashed from shade to shade of blue and white in a beautiful display. Matt smiled.

Once the show in the sky had ended, Matt, my nursing friends and I looked out in the distance wistfully. The sky was overcast and farther out it was darker. The land was flat farmland for miles and miles. There were old scattered trees here and there, and an old rickety barn about half a mile out.

Then the news came that Barbara wanted to take Matt in for some experiments. I couldn't let her of course, so my friends and I decided to run away and take Matt with us. Before the henchmen could come to get him, we were out of there, running as fast as we could. We slid down into a large dry ditch once we were far away enough and began to walk along it, hoping it would lead us somewhere.

It took a long time, I don't know how long, but we found a secret place to live, I don't remember exactly what it was. Maybe a cave? It was underground or something and it was huge and furnished to look like a big house inside. It was wonderful. We all settled in for a few years and life was great.

But we all knew that the children back at the orphanage were still miserable and in pain. I decided to lead a rebellion of the sorts. Under the alias "Dessa" (I have a character named Dessa, it must have made itself known in my subconscious), I began to smuggle children out of the orphanage and bring them back to my secret hideout. Barbara never saw me, but I was a notorious and mysterious enemy that she and her henchmen were constantly trying to catch. She had no idea who I was or that I had once worked there.

Eventually I had smuggled out at least 50 children from the orphanage, ages ranging from 4 to 17. They all looked up to me as their mother-figure and Jack as their father-figure, because it was a known fact that Jack and I were in love. The black woman disappeared from my dream after awhile, I don't know what happened to her. Since it was just me and Jack to take care of all these children, many of the older orphans helped out and looked after the younger ones.

Jack had to leave on some important mission, I can't remember what it was but it was urgent. A few days later I got a letter from Jack telling me to quickly escape our hideout with the children because he suspected that the orphanage was onto our location. They had apparently been more accurate than Jack had first thought, because as soon as I got the letter, the raid began.

It was chaos. Barbara and her henchmen broke down the secret door and were catching children left and right, some of them had dart guns or blunt objects to knock kids out with. There was a frenzy, but every child fought bravely. Now that I look back, I'm really proud of them (depite the fact that it was all just my subconscious and they aren't even real).

A couple of the older teens grabbed me and pulled me away from the fight. They told me that I couldn't get captured because if I did then there would be no one to save them after this. I was angry but I agreed. But then it suddenly occurred to me that Matty was out there. I rushed to find him but by the time I got out of the teens' hold, the henchmen and children were already gone. I vowed to rescue them.

The teens (two girls) helped me prepare. I donned a disguise of a blond wig and glasses and infiltrated the orphanage again with the two teens. I was undercover as a nurse, using another alias "Ailea", which happens to be my real name, while the two girls pretended to be captured orphans.

My meeting with Barbara Johnson was tense. I had to smile and pretend to be a strict nurse while secretly holding back the urge to tackle and kick her ass. She was a little suspicious of me but hired me anyway because they were short on nurse staff. I was given an open office, meaning there was no door, just an open wall to the hallway. Barbara was paranoid so she left no privacy, and a henchmen would regularly walk down the medical hall to check up on all the staff every hour.

My first patient was a young Arabian girl who had tripped and scraped her elbows. She was so sad and depressed, and she only spoke a few words at a time. I somehow just knew that she was teetering on the edge of being suicidal, and I didn't blame her.

I took her by the shoulders and whispered, "Don't give up. Dessa is among us, there is hope."

She brightened and stared at me with wide eyes and I smiled and sent her off. Apparently "Dessa" was well-known throughout the orphanage as a savior, an icon of hope. I felt a boost of determination to help these children.

The orphanage compound was huge. By dinner time, I shuffled to the cafeteria for food, and also to meet up with my two teen accomplices. The teens had informed the other orphans of my being there, so none of them would accidentally give me away when they saw me. They filled me in on other news that could help out with our mass break-out. Barbara eyed me suspiciously so I subtly bid the teens farewell and ate at the medical staff table.

That night, I snuck out of my quarters to meet with the teens again. We had some kind of plan, I don't remember what it was, but it involved waking some of the younger kids and herding them out of the orphanage one at a time.

Unfortunately, we were caught. They restrained me and brought me to the orphanage assembly room. Barbara woke everyone and sent them to the assembly room as well. I was held on the stage before all the children and staff. I was panicking inside but I stayed calm on the outside because it wouldn't help if the kids all saw me freak out.

Two henchmen held me at both my sides while Barbara leisurely made her way onto the stage. I was suddenly more angry than panicked. I saw all the frightened faces of the children and Barbara's cruel smile and I felt the anger bubble in my gut.

She sported a fake smile and spoke in a kind but mocking voice, "We have here a traitor before us. This woman is an accomplice of Dessa!"

I felt a slight bit of smugness at the fact that they didn't know I was really Dessa herself. I could see that some of the teen orphans were glaring at Barbara rather than looking fearful. They appeared ready to get up and fight for me, which I was flattered for but honestly hoped they wouldn't.

Barbara went on giving a speech about loyalty and the punishments for betraying her rule. What finally set me off was when she stated that the children who were caught escaping that night would undergo special punishment, which I knew meant torture. On top of that, the children who had been caught were the youngest ones, ranging 4-6 years old. The henchmen came around and started grabbing the children.

I was furious. I had to distract them. I yelled, "That's right! I AM a traitor!" Everyone turned and looked at me. I elbowed one of the henchmen in the gut and lifted my hand to pull off the wig and glasses.

"I'm a traitor, because I AM Dessa!" Everyone gasped. The staff because they never expected that, and the kids because they never expected me to give myself away. Barbara had the most shocked expression and I couldn't help but start laughing at her. Unfortunately that just pissed her off. She slapped me across the face.

At that, the older kids stood to fight and a riot ensued. Barbara didn't care, she just ordered the nearest henchmen to restrain me again and drag me off to wherever. She had me shoved into a torture room, but I was confused because they didn't force me onto any contraption. Barbara stood at the door and grinned at me maniacally.

I chanced a look behind me and saw the most horrible sight. There was Matty's corpse on an examination table, his chest ripped open and blood seeping out. He was freakishly pale and his eyes were ringed with dark circles. I couldn't move, I couldn't do anything but reach out and touch his cheek while crying silent tears. I heard Barbara laughing from the doorway behind me.

I screamed, first in anguish and ending in rage. I grabbed the nearest sharp object and launched myself at Barbara. She motioned her hand and more henchmen came at me, holding me down and forcing me into this horrible torture device made to slowly burn out your eyes. I was strapped down tightly, frantically yelling and crying and all-out panicking from an overload of emotions.

And then Jack showed up. He knocked Barbara out and stabbed one henchmen, drop kicking another and just totally kicking their asses. It was awesome. I was so relieved, you have no idea. He unstrapped me from the device and helped me up.

We ran back to the assembly room and I was surprised to find that the children had all rallied up and overthrown the henchmen. None of the children were wounded save for a few scrapes and scratches and the Arabian girl from before ran up to me and hugged me. It was a happy moment. :D

We found Barbara and strapped her to the torture device and burned her eyes out. It was a bit morbid, but I enjoyed every scream. I think all the kids did too. After that, we all gathered up our stuff and anything useful (like medical supplies, blankets and pillows and stuff like that) and left the orphanage. Each of us lit a torch and set the whole place on fire, Barbara and the henchmen still inside.

It was a happy ending. We all found a new place and built a new orphanage. Jack and I ran it and once the teens were old enough they decided to stay and help out instead of leave. Matty was buried and whatnot, which was still sad but in the end I was content.

Yeah. So that was one of my more complex dreams, as I said. I keep a dream diary on my computer and I have hundreds of dream recorded...someday I'll write about the others. :D
This ended up being a hell of a lot longer than expected. XD;; Sorry! It's hard to write my dreams without including all the details.

Ah~ and the picture:

That's Barbara's figure in the doorway, but she came out looking more like a man-doctor-pedophile. lol XD;
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