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art + a dream again

I dreamed of two twin boys, one brunette and the other blond, both born into royalty. I was in the perspective of the brunette twin. Our father was a corrupted, power-hungry man with no sympathy for anyone, not even his own children. I'm pretty sure he only kept us around because we were his legacy. The blond twin was born first so he was pressured to be the next ruler. We were young, maybe 10 or 11 years old, but I was much more mature for my age.

The king was a harsh ruler who oppressed his people and continued a long tradition of slavery over his land. There was a trap door thing in my and my twin's room that these faeries/imps came out from and spoke to me. They told me the truth about the king's cruelty. They had also been enslaved by the king and were part of a secret gathering of slaves out to free all slaves (this is very reminiscent of African-American slavery and the underground railroad. It's probably where my subconscious got this from. xD).

The faes showed me their secret tunnel through the trap door to the underground. There were other people and magical creatures there, all fighting for freedom. I guess you could say they were a resistance group or something. I decided to join them and help them from the inside with information and stuff. I told my twin all about how evil our father was and how bad the slaves had it, so he joined too. He wasn't as involved as I was though.

Somewhere along the line, my brother disappeared and I became the crown prince. I promised the slaves that when I became ruler, I would free them all. Until then we just had to wait. I would visit the different slave hideouts all the time in secret. I fell in love with a faerie (I don't remember its gender. In fact, at this point I don't think I even had a gender either. I was neither boy or girl; just me, you know?) and decided I would marry him/her. The king found out about my involvement in the resistance, but surprisingly he wasn't angry, or so I thought. He sent 'bodyguards' with me when I went to visit the slaves and promised he would free them. Instead he just used me to get to them and ambush the slaves. My faerie lover was killed. There was a big battle thing and I killed the king.

My brother returned and became king and freed all the slaves. I don't remember many of the details after that. I do remember crying over my dead love for a long time. I woke up with teary eyes too. u_u sigh.

That was me (the brunette twin) on the right. The left is a fae that I remember more clearly than the others.
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