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Art & Words inspired by the Dreamworld
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This journal is inspired by the dreamworld.

You can post anything here... art , photography , self portraits, writing , poetry or even a description of the dream you had last night. Anything so long as it has a dream-like quality about it, maybe you took an image of someone with a dreamy far-away look in their eyes. (don't forget that nightmares are dreams, so horror is welcome too).

Because the dreamworld is so surreal, and different for everyone, anything goes here. From dark and freakish, to scary to beautiful, to angelic or innocent. All ideas are welcome.
This is about sharing and expressing feelings and emotions.

Feel free to update as often as you like. If you're lucky enough to remember your dreams everynight, we'd love to read about them !


1) Respect other people - no being cruel. Your notes will be deleted.

2) Artistic nudes are most welcome - but no graphic porn.

3) Large entries of images behind LJ cuts - a couple of images is fine, three or more behind cut

4) Original work only, all work remains copyright of the owner - if you want to share another artists work, please give credit and link to their site

5) The weekly theme is only to give inspiration, or for people to share existing works. You do not have to post according to the theme. Random entries will be chosen as an example. If you do not want your work featured on the title page, please let the moderator know via email.

moderator: serpentine_kiss
email: dream_visions@serpentinekiss.com